During the entire production process the material is subject to the most demanding quality controls.

 · Dimensional: using digital micrometer and, laser measuring equipment continuously.

 · Oval: using digital micrometer and, laser measuring equipment continuously.

 · Straightness: in accordance to EN10278.

 · Surface quality:

    · Defectomat: Eddy-Current equipment for continuously detecting surface defects.

    · Circograph: Eddy-Current equipment with rotating head for continuously detecting surface defects.

According to EN10277-1  1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class
Maximum depth of defectd ≤ 15 mm. 0,3 mm.0,3 mm.0,2 mm.Technically manufacturing crack free
15 < d ≤ 20 mm. 0,02 x d0,02 x d0,2 mm.
20 < d ≤ 75 mm. 0,02 x d0,02 x d0,01 x d
75 < d ≤ 100 mm. 0,02 x d1,5 mm.0,75 mm.
Maximum percentage of weight supplied exceeding the specified level 4%1%1%0,2%

Quality Laboratory

In addition to the controls and inspections carried out during the manufacturing process, a sample of this finished product is subject to the necessary tests for traction, strength, roughness, etc. required by our customers. To do this, our laboratory has been equipped with the following analysis systems:

  • Universal traction testing machine: Too obtain the mechanical features of the calibrated material: Tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation, Necking and others.
  • Spectrometer: For the chemical analysis of any steel.
  • Hardness tester: To check the hardness on the surface, in the core, etc.
  • Roughness tester: To obtain roughness values Ra, Rz, Ry, etc.
  • And a wide range of digital micrometers, calibres, rulers, etc.

Everything, so that our steel is the perfect steel for our customers.

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